What do stories do?

Stories connect people

But big brand stories no longer cut the mustard. Why? Because no two people engage with a brand, product or service in the same way. We are humans, not robots

  • We all buy in different ways; online, on our mobiles, in a shop, in a farmers market, whilst feeding a baby or commuting to work
  • We are all influenced in different ways from the moment we realise a need all the way until we hand over the cash or our credit card details and beyond that even
  • We all have different things that we hold close to our heart; different ideas, different priorities, different ethics. What’s important to one person might be completely insignificant to the next. 


Successful, forward thinking businesses and brands know that they need to treat their customers as individuals both in the products and service they provide and, maybe more importantly, in the way they market to them. 

What do stories do?

Think back to your primary school days – storytelling is one of the most common and effective way of teaching little growing brains and it’s no surprise why. Stories help simplify complex messages and concepts, creating something which is easy to understand without the need for specialist skills or translation. They are also much more memorable. In fact, they are 22x more memorable which is where 22 stories comes from!

Stories make us human. 

In a world where increasingly we can go about our whole lives without having to speak to a real person, this has never been more important. 

Stories bring people together. 

No matter where you come from or what language you speak, everyone understands heroes and villains, heartache and suspense and a happy-ever-after.

Stories inspire and motivate. 

Creating a storytelling narrative around a brand, product or service not only humanises it but enables your marketing to drive what you want your customers to do.

Stories help build communities and unite tribes. 

Bringing together likeminded people enables them to tell the strongest story of all.