How to use storytelling to combat the fear of change

Woman hiding behind her hands

In the fictional world of Stephen King’s Shawshank Prison, Brooks Hatlen is a man with a fear of change.  He’d been inside for 50 years and finally, faced with parole, he cracks and attacks another inmate. He simply doesn’t know how he is going to adapt to world on the outside.  We may never have […]

Why I write

For many years I have felt uncomfortable in my surroundings, not like I was a complete outsider but just that I didn’t quite fit in with every one else. At best, I felt mediocre – not a bright spark but not a complete loser either. Writing is, and always has been, my release and this […]

Your voice is the most powerful marketing tool you have.

Last year I had the pleasure of speaking to A-level and BTEC students about my marketing journey. Being a storyteller, this was the perfect gig for me so I sat down to write my talk.  Shit, I thought, as the reality sunk in. These aren’t professional marketeers I’m going to be talking to or business […]