Are you telling the right business story when it comes to your internal customers?

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Foolproof tips for using your business story to engage and motivate your stakeholders and teams. I recently spent time with a group of talented corporate leaders discussing their business story. They spoke openly about the challenges of getting others to understand the value they delivered. Guess what? They’re not alone.  Whether you’re an independent brand […]

How to use storytelling to combat the fear of change

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In the fictional world of Stephen King’s Shawshank Prison, Brooks Hatlen is a man with a fear of change.  He’d been inside for 50 years and finally, faced with parole, he cracks and attacks another inmate. He simply doesn’t know how he is going to adapt to world on the outside.  We may never have […]

Get your voice heard to skyrocket your start-up success

Why story-led marketing is the simple choice for technology start-ups.  “Never assume people understand how your brand can change their lives” Donald Miller, Building A Storybrand A spark of inspiration grows stronger as stories breathe life into it. Tales of passion turning into potential, into a business, into disruption, into a new future bright with success. These are […]

Whoa there! What do you mean storytelling is just marketing dohickey?

Whether we realise it or not, we all tell stories every single day. But how do grasp the power of storytelling to find our own voices and be better leaders? In my first of two blogs aimed at business leadership, I look at what storytelling actually is and why it’s not just another marketing trend. […]

You’re awesome. It’s a pity no one else knows that.

There is no shame in helping others see your value and potential. But it’s hard, right?  I work a lot with female entrepreneurs and business owners helping them create their own brand stories. I am lucky to work with some of the most incredible women I’ve ever met but they all share 1 thing in […]