Are you telling the right business story when it comes to your internal customers?

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Foolproof tips for using your business story to engage and motivate your stakeholders and teams. I recently spent time with a group of talented corporate leaders discussing their business story. They spoke openly about the challenges of getting others to understand the value they delivered. Guess what? They’re not alone.  Whether you’re an independent brand […]

How to use storytelling to combat the fear of change

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In the fictional world of Stephen King’s Shawshank Prison, Brooks Hatlen is a man with a fear of change.  He’d been inside for 50 years and finally, faced with parole, he cracks and attacks another inmate. He simply doesn’t know how he is going to adapt to world on the outside.  We may never have […]

Business storytelling challenge for National Storytelling Week 2022

National Storytelling Week

National Storytelling Week celebrates and encourages storytelling in schools, theatres, museums, even care homes. But why should they have all the fun? National Storytelling Week (29 Jan – 5 Feb) is the perfect opportunity to start sharing your business story. .  During the week, I’m going to be with you all the way. Lending an […]

Do as I say, not as I do.

storytelling resolutions

5 New Year’s resolutions for better business storytelling. I feel a bit of a fraud coming to you with my list of storytelling resolutions for 2022. As an adult, I’ve always felt compelled not to make resolutions for the simple fact I know I’ll break them. When I was little, my New Year’s resolution was […]

What do stories do?

Stories connect people But big brand stories no longer cut the mustard. Why? Because no two people engage with a brand, product or service in the same way. We are humans, not robots We all buy in different ways; online, on our mobiles, in a shop, in a farmers market, whilst feeding a baby or […]

Why I write

For many years I have felt uncomfortable in my surroundings, not like I was a complete outsider but just that I didn’t quite fit in with every one else. At best, I felt mediocre – not a bright spark but not a complete loser either. Writing is, and always has been, my release and this […]

Your voice is the most powerful marketing tool you have.

Last year I had the pleasure of speaking to A-level and BTEC students about my marketing journey. Being a storyteller, this was the perfect gig for me so I sat down to write my talk.  Shit, I thought, as the reality sunk in. These aren’t professional marketeers I’m going to be talking to or business […]

Your customers are buying from you – but is it for the reasons that you think?

Why should a customer choose you over anyone else? What is your unique value? In all my years working with big brands, this is the question most struggle to answer. It might seem obvious but being able to articulate what you really do for customers, takes more thought than a few sweeping, generic statements about being ‘market-leading’ […]

Facts tell. Stories sell.

If we hear facts wrapped up in a story, we are 22 times more likely to remember them When those facts are about the value of your business and those people are potential customers, getting almost a third more recall could really make the difference when it comes to selling what you do.  Modern neurological research has proven that […]