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Learn how to own your business stories and use storytelling to grow your audience and sell more.

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I'm not hiding from storytelling
I'm not hiding from storytelling

hi i'm Hilary

the business storyteller

I get to the heart of your stories quickly and brilliantly, so you can say what you want with ease to connect with your customers and grow your business.

Are you an open-minded, creative business owner?

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I need to get my story straight

I want to tell my story, but I don’t know where to start

When I write it stresses me out, and it never sounds like me

I need my website and content to reflect my story

I want to be a better storyteller...

I know what my customers need but struggle to find and tell stories that matter

I want to create more engaging content that drives the right actions

I’ve got exciting growth plans and want an easier way to create impact

Storytelling isn’t hype.
It’s hardwired in our DNA


Stories build trust and create happy relationships


Storytelling creates connections and unites like-minded people


Stories are 22x more memorable than borings facts alone.

And yes, that's why I’m called 22 Stories

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Don’t just own your business.

Own your stories too.

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